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Welcome to Lucy Aponte's Living & Learning by the Arts Gallery

Artist, Poet, Writer, Producer

A multi-talented, prolific and innovative artist, Ms. Aponte has been described as a true Renaissance woman. Aponte has a way of depicting the varied emotions of childhood with the delicate stroke of a pen, pencil, or brush. Children peering at some thing that has caught their attention are poised in a posture of curiosity; kids at play or dance, reach and leap in mid-air with fluid grace; a child abandoned, slumped in a pose of despair captures the heart and draws you in. Ms. Aponte's use of contrasting and disparate materials come together in harmony as a marvelous metaphor for life. Her work comes straight from truth and life.

Lucy Aponte is an Outsider Artist, also described as an Intuitive, or Self-Taught Artist. My work comes from my heart, communicating the realities of life and its affect upon our Innocents. Life can be good for our children, or it can be hard. Somewhere in the world a child is happy and filled with curiosity; and that's as it should be. Somewhere in the world a child is crying in anguish; and that is not as it should be. I have long been an advocate for children and in my art I want you, the viewer to feel and be moved. See the beauty of the child and nurture its innocence; dare to have the courage to protect a child; even if you have to stand alone to do so.

Ms. Aponte has created works on commission and has been featured in Several Bronx net programs. She has been featured in Latina Magazine's "Spotlight of the Week," Bronx Times, Daily News and been invited quest poet and speaker at different venues. She has exhibited her works in galleries; for Hispanic Culture; Puerto Rican Heritage; individual and group.

Aponte has produced several exciting cultural events for Bronx Week that enrich the community and afford artists a venue for their work. She brings exciting and fun performances and activities for public audiences to the Parks Department's "Arts In The Parks," at Van Cortlandt Park House Museum and with Crotona Park's Nature Center.

Ms. Aponte is an instructing artist and has worked in many settings, such as hospitals, community centers, schools and senior citizen centers. She has worked with children, teens, and adults at risk. Ms.Aponte strongly believes in the powers of the arts to move and inspire anyone to create.

LIVING AND LEARNING BY THE ARTS wins the Community Arts Grant for 2002-2003 for "Kids and the Classics-Piano" and "Kids and the Classics-Movement" from Bronx Council On the Arts. The Community Arts Grant is a regrant of the New York State Council on the Arts. The project will bring artists to children, ages 6-12 years of NYCHA's Soundview and Sackwern Houses in the Bronx. Classes are free to the children. The program will culminate in a recital and performance set for May.

Corporate and individual donations to support our programs can be made to LLBA.
Please call (718) 589-0455

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Cultural Event: "Songs of My Childhood"

Book: From the Soul of A Battered Child
Come the Songs of My Childhood

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